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Factory Direct Appliance evolved from a wholesale appliance distributor in January of 1993. Dennis and Suzanne Birkestrand started the distribution business in 1988 after a wholesale career of 22 years with the Maytag Company. Joined later by partners Rod Holsapple and Steve Johnson, the firm has been one of the fastest growing companies in the greater Kansas City area. Today Factory Direct Appliance is by far the largest independent distribution source for a wide variety of appliance products in the Kansas City area.

Factory Direct Appliance (FDA) has been recognized for growth and success by Ingram's Business Magazine, various Chamber's of Commerce, Home Builders Associations, and several national publications. Our growth philosophy is supported by a strong underlying belief in professional business ethics.

The Factory Direct Appliance experience must be the most memorable, successful and enjoyable aspect of the home building or remodeling process for both contractors and their customers.